Spice Radio Sunday Recap

Last night was a bit crazy on Spice Radio with various guests in studio and calling throughout the evening… unfortunately those of you listening live might have missed the first half hour of the show due to mistakes (ahem) on the part of Sirius/XM. Since my radio show replays all day the day following the show you will get the show in its entirety there if you missed it.

Goddess Sadie Hawkins and I dove head first into some of the more bizarre fetishes…

Julia Ann joined Goddess Sadie and myself for a bit…us girls talked about “filling the tub”…one of Julia’s favorite subjects…

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Alia Janine called in to chat with Julia and I for a while. Alia has adopted one of the dogs Julia helps rescue so the topic went off sex for a few as we learned about porn stars and their pets. Alia now has 2 dogs and a rescued Tarantula named Spidey. She was a lot of fun and I am trying to get her to come in studio on future shows. Without the spider.

One of our fellow Spice Radio hosts, Nyomi Banxxx, called in to tell us about her tour over the next couple weeks…follow her on Twitter to see if she is coming to your city or tune in to her Spice Radio show “Women of the World” Thursday nights from 11-1pm PST.

We rounded out the evening with another hottie I am planning to have in studio soon; Sinnamon Love. Hardworking, sexy and smart…she also writes a weekly column at www.wellversed.com. Check it out!

Just a teaser on next weekend’s guests (more details in the next couple days):

  • Saturday – Dawn Tulman and Lizz Taylor
  • Sunday – Joslyn James


Sirius 108/XM 248/Web 824

Every Saturday and Sunday evening from 7-11pm PST

Call in, if you have the balls: 1-800-SPICE88

Listen. Love. Lol.


—> No Sirius radio? Listen to me LIVE on the internet… FREE 7day trial: http://www.sirius.com/freetrial Now you have NO excuse for missing it!

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