On today’s menu…

After entire days of being trapped inside working on the reasearch, sketches and planning of Star Wars XXX I am dying to get out of the apartment for awhile…

Today we are heading over to a local Theatre that is selling off a bunch of props – don’t know what they might have but you never know. Probably nothing we can use on SWXXX but it’s worth a look. Got some errands to run as well…then we are thinking of dropping off for a few to peek at the Shepard Fairey exhibit ‘Revolutions‘ whilst we are in the Venice Beach/Santa Monica area. I have really wanted to see this exhibit and it’s the last week for it.

Afterwards we head downtown for a bit of quick production design then heading out to buy building materials so we can begin the Landspeeder. We will post pix as we build it over the weekend…

Building a Landspeeder is fun for all!

More breaking news on SWXXX as it happens!
PS. Later tonight – if you are all nice – I might do another random titty pic…

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