Tuesdays with Kylie

I don’t usually blog unless I have an absolute purpose to it…I will try to break that habit and mindlessly blog on a daily basis.

You haven’t heard much from me only because for the last few days we have been buried in production design research for Star Wars XXX…there were a few delays whilst things were sorted out but now it’s back on track and shoot dates are set for the last couple weeks of May. So, yes, we have approximately 1 month to build the Millinium Falcon cockpit and rec room, a landspeeder, parts of the Death Star & Tantive IV…the Rebel Conference Room, Lukes workshop…and more…. We are going to be living, breathing, eating and sleeping Star Wars XXX for the next 7+ weeks.

A lot of people have been asking me if I am still doing movies or if I am only working behind the scenes… I am still doing movies -in fact I have a few coming up-however I enjoy doing production design. I have been doing it for years, including Corruption, Upload, Icon, The 8th Day, Scream XXX and many others. I love the creativeness of it and the hands-on feeling of a job well done. It’s a rush to see a set I created com to life in a movie. It’s the artsy side of me.

Speaking of the artsy side of me I have a gallery showing (as DeeKay for my street art) coming up on the 28th at The Maximillian Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood. They haven’t done the official press release for it yet but as soon as they do I will be posting it on both blogs – www.kylieirelandblog.com and www.streetdeekay.com. Until then I am creating original pieces on canvas for the show. Which is a bit challenging due to the aformentioned Star Wars XXX that has eaten my life... I wish I could show off what I have been creating but I have to keep it all under wraps for now…

To keep up on my street art adventures – I usually go out at least once a week – visit www.streetdeekay.com. That’s where I will be posting all new street art ‘activity’.

We survived AndyFest2011…barely. I was doing okay until the crossover day between AndyFest2011 and JanicePalooza (my best friend’s birthday celebrations) when I had an encounter with a Hula Hoop (see previous blog entry with photos)Even though I have been a star hula hooper since I was about 5, somehow I managed to injure myself hooping. I know, I know…of all things, right? I fucked up my shoulders/back and have been ouchy for days…today I visited my chiropractor and he put me back together however it triggered a migraine. At least I had my kitties to keep me company as I tried to recover….

Good titties...er, I mean KITTIES!

In other news there is a smokin’ new scene just posted on www.kylieireland.com of me and Francesca Le gettin it on…believe it or not it was our first time together and we were really anxious to fuck…

Also, a couple weeks ago I found a handful of rare Kylie flyers in a box – so I saved a couple for my memory box and put the rest on Ebay for you! There are a few left so get on over there and get yours while you can… I will sign it personally to you!

Go here: Kylie’s Ebay Store – These few rare movie flyers I have discovered in a box can be YOURS!!!

Anyway, that’s the news from my world. More random blogging tomorrow!

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