Shout out to my Listeners!

Hey! A shout out to all the Sirius/XM/Spice Radio listeners…

There has been a bit of swearing on Twitter, FB etc about the signal cutting out during my radio show. They want to try to fix the problem but need your feedback.

Would you please comment here on this blog post or email me at and let me know  if you are listening online or if you have a satellite radio and if/when/how often it happens to you? 

Thanks a bunch! Just trying to make it so no one is missing a single second of my awesome radio show!


If you aren’t listening, you should be: Kylie Ireland on The Jerkbox, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 7-11pm PST on Sirius 108/XM 248/Online 824

3 comments on “Shout out to my Listeners!

  1. I listen online and it happens to me quite frequently ! I would say at least every 10 minutes. It doesnt stay out for longer than 20 seconds unless it crashes then its from anywhere to 5 minutes to 30 mins.

  2. The past 3 episodes it glitched out for me… first time I just logged out then logged back in and it worked. the second/third time it happened i logged back in but it just kept working for a min then glitching so I gave up….yes shame on me but it was annoying!

  3. In addition to the comments here, please vote on my poll I’ve added to my blog at Trust me, these corporate monkeys only care about numbers.

    To repeat my experience: the Flash player in the browser cuts out about every hour. I’m aware that there’s a “dead man’s switch” where you have to do something in the player, like change the station and back, every 90 minutes. However, the maximum I ever get in a row is about 60 minutes, although I can usually get back in immediately, though sometimes it’s as much as 15 minutes to get back in.

    The Yahoo Widget is more reliable, sometimes going 4 hours consecutively, but the average consecutive run that I usually get is 2 hours, before having to exit and restart the Yahoo Widgets program to reset the stream.

    [And thanks again for the pics!]

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