Lily Cade, Debi Diamond = Hijinx

Last night’s radio show was awesome fun (really, when is it not?)…thank you to my Elvish-speaking 100% Goldstar Lesbian guest Lily Cade. It was, as promised a sexy-geeky night of entertainment that included a bit of Star Wars and Star Trek, some trampolining, caller mockery and I, of course, took advantage of having a real live lesbian in my midst and asked all the questions I had always wanted to ask but never had a lesbian to do so.

Here is the link to Lily’s blog about the show on her website:

Lily Cade...lookin a bit blurry but tough.

Thrown into the mix was our celebrity call screener Debi Diamond who was having WAY too much fun answering calls, flashing us her titties and regaling us with tales of strange things that had been in her ass including motor oil (not really, it was vegetable oil made to look like motor oil in her scene with Bionca and Tami Ann) and ketchup.

Burnin up the phone lines...

Avid listener and radio pirate Captain Dave found this clip of their acceptance speech from the 1994 AVN Awards for the motor oil scene in Depraved Fantasies. Brilliant!

Here are some stellar quotes to show you what you are missing if you aren’t listening:

Lily Cade is not weird. She’s just a lesbian” –Kylie

Kylie on James Barrett’s email: “Respect my wishes? My wish is you to fuck off.”

Lily Cade on anger management: “I got mad. So I got trashed and fucked five girls.”

On Lily Cade’s penis size: “Mine’s bigger than yours. It’s in my car. I’ll try mine on you first.

I was sticking an ass camera up my yoo-hoo?” – a caller misunderstanding about Kylie’s scene in Deep Anal Abyss 3

The Anal Legend continues: “I stuck it up my ass, it came out my mouth and then stuck it up my ass again.” -Kylie

My dog had a rectal prolapse. We had to put it back in.” – Lily Cade on her dog

I’ve been fucking a girl, and she likes it. She’s a prostitute. She walks the streets.” –caller wisdom

From Debi Diamond: “I had a caller say he just lost IQ points listening to him.” (RE: The Masturbating Redneck)

(In your best southern accent) “Men like to masturbate… it’s part o’ nature” – more caller wisdom

Pickup lines used on Lily Cade: “There’s a McDonald’s across the street. I’ll buy you anything you want.”

Advice from Lily Cade: “If you put Vodka up your butt, you can die.”

If it’s weird, you ask Debi.” – Kylie

Lily Cade’s next parody: “Star Trek Tribbles Episode XXX: Tribble X

“How to make a lesbian MORE off-limits? She’s married.” -Kylie

“I am a good caller. That’s a real secret password. Nobody’s gonna remember that.” – White Chocolate; caller

Lily Cade on anal: “You can put a foot in. You can put 25 dicks in. But you can’t put in a fist.”

“I got a married lesbian on a trampoline. How often can I say that?” -Kylie

“It’s like group sex, but not. It’s just group.” -Kylie

“Oh God! Am I gay for listening to a station with gay guys on it?” –Kylie wonders aloud for her listener base

Lily said: “If your girlfriend is a lesbian, that means she’s not fucking you.”  Caller’s response: “Yeah, she does.”

Kylie to a caller: “Can you hear Lily’s tits?”

Even the listeners were quote-worthy:

100% Lesbian? Are other girls made of “Corn Meal and Lesbian By-Product“? “ – @1captaindave via Twitter

A question for Lily Cade: “Any advice to woo a woman obsessed with “Lord of the Rings”? – @1captaindave via Twitter

And now, music to… awww, my Sirius/XM player crapped out. Perfect timing.” – @1captaindave via Twitter


Random lesbian fact of the day courtesy of Jim at

Tribadism is derived from the word “tribade” which prior to 1965 meant “lesbian.”


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Sinn Sage...

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One comment on “Lily Cade, Debi Diamond = Hijinx

  1. I’ll say it again. Great show last night.

    Lily was nice enough to respond to my tweet about my “Lord of the Rings” girl. I’ll be brushing up on my Elvish this week. Wish me luck. It’s a shame for me that Lily is a lesbian, because she is really gorgeous and smart. (I promise I will NOT take you to McDonald’s if you ever decide to date men.) 😀

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