Samantha Ryan & Julia Ann Rocked the Radio!

Thank you to last night’s guest on my radio show, Samantha Ryan…

Samantha Ryan

A fascinating if not somewhat scatterbrained show for sure…in addition to a bit of sexy time we discussed politics, religion, poker, classical piano sports and gay catbutt licking. Samantha is a very multifaceted individual! My special call screener for the evening, Julia Ann – in between fielding calls from other radio stations and guys wanting to date her – contributed her mad singing skills and her love of Santana in addition to stories from ‘Julia Ann’s world of NO’ including the desire to use a funnel, wanting to have her ‘tub filled’ and fantasies of being duct taped and thrown in the trunk of a car. Oh, and don’t forget breast milk icecream!

Julia Ann

Don’t just take it from me, read the rave reviews and the quotes of the evening for yourself:

From Twitter:

“Women who can talk politics, sports, current events & rant are VERY sexy! Epic show on Spice.”   – @wordmandc  

“u did great on the show!!! You’re fiery I like that! I would let Julia use a funnel on me. Lol!” – @bigmike5494

“A #Jerkbox show for the record books. Great show from @kylieireland @SammyRyRy and @therealJuliaAnn. #standingovation” -@1captaindave

I have an opinion on world politics AND I take it up the ass. What more do you want?” – Kylie

So you’re trying to nail old women by hanging around a nursing home? Do you steal her pudding too?” – Producer Mike

We did ‘Music to Fuck By’? Sweet! We don’t have to do it again!” – Kylie (damn my outside voice!)

“The intarweb is an amazing thing.” –Kylie

I wasn’t listening. Your producer was telling me how he shot himself in the mouth w/his own sperm.” – Julia Ann

Welcome to Julia Ann’s dating service. This is Kylie, how can I help you?” –Kylie (answering random phone call)

This show is fucked up, and I blame the tsunami.” – Kylie

Did we talk about sex tonight? Oh yeah, we had the goatfucker on.” – Julia Ann (about a call she screened from a guy who said he’d been fucking goats for 14 years. She hung up on him.)

Do your homework:



 Tonight I have Lily Cade. I met Lily once on a movie set a couple years ago but we were just reacquainted this week when she showed up to the Star Wars XXX auditions. I immediately snagged her for the radio show.

She might describe herself as 100% lesbian porn star and model but she is 100% geek and knew her Star Wars. So expect some extreme geeky sexiness on Sunday.

Lily Cade (left)

Do your homework:

*Also, there is a rumor floating around that Debi Diamond might be hanging out to answer my phones tonight as well….

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4 comments on “Samantha Ryan & Julia Ann Rocked the Radio!

  1. Kylie I must tell that I love the fact that you do an intelligent, entertaining and sexy shows every weekend.

    Saturday night was one of the most epic shows of all time!

    Your conversation on politics with Samantha Ryan was quite interesting. Smart women are the hottest kind. The idea that women can be beautiful, smart and independent is the best combination imaginable.

    You and Julia Ann together should are the dynamic duo – you guys could do a weekly show and it would amazing.

    You should have a daily show on Spice.

    What you are doing on the weekends on Jerk Box is giving us a picture into the lives of the porn stars. You have given us a real look into what they are really like as well as their true personalities.

    That is very sexy!

    The “Music to Fuck by” and “Excessive Sex” segments are silly and immature.

    I don’t want to hear other guy getting off that is boring and far from entertaining.

    We need more of Kylie being Kylie and your rants are on point and fun to listen to on their own.

    In short more Kylie smart and sexy radio!

    So I will keep listening following you on Twitter be well and I be signing up for your site and looking forward to the cam shows. Plus I always BUY my porn!


      • I should really check edit my stuff before I post. Is Ferrell still in charge at PBR? I sent him an email the other day and it bounced back, perhaps I should give him a call. Anyway keep up rocking the weekend’s and I will keep listening and tweeting. Cheers to you and Andy.


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