Back from the desert!

Hey everybody… Did you miss me?

I tried to blog last night but I was late returning from ‘The Great Death Valley Camping Adventure’ and had to run off to my radio show on Spice. It was great, as you already know my first guest was the wonderful Miss Nina Hartley  and later Alison Tyler joined us. If you missed it try and catch the replay on Sirius108/XM248 or on the web ch. 824, it’s worth it, TRUST ME! 

Nina Hartley: and

Alison Tyler: and

Anyway, tonights guest was Melissa Monet, returning for another round of snarkiness and fun, and of course hilarity ensued as we covered every topic from Metal Music and books to filthy sex and strange fetishes. 

Unfortunatley, I have had no internet all day (thanks Time Warner!) so this is a short blog as I am still falling-on-my-face exhausted from the desert trip but I will blog ALL about my exploits in the desert soon, I promise…

However, before I go don’t forget I am also back on Pornstar Pundits with Derrick Pierce THIS Tuesday night talking about world recent events and current affairs, you can listen FOR FREE right here:

We are on from 5-7pm PST and as an added bonus if you scour around the site you can also find & download previous podcasts that I have done, it’s a great show Dawn & Johnny are a blast and it’s always loads of fun, so now you have the info you have no excuse not to grab your daily dose of Kylie… x

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