Starting the day with a rape fantasy

Hi everyone,

First off a big thanks to Misti Dawn for coming on last nights show, she’s an adorable tattooed red head (although don’t let her sweetness fool you) you gotta just LOVE a girl who has a fetish for Abe Lincoln!

On tonights show I have the wonderful Kiera King joining me on the Jerkbox & no doubt more mayhem will ensue, as ever you can listen to all the hi-jinks on Spice radio, Sirius 108 & XM 248, or on the web at channel 824.

Anyway, I have to rush this morning as I have an interveiw for a Tristan Taormino documentary about rape fantasies and for those of you who know me or have been following my career so far you will know it’s one of my favorite topics… YAY for rape fantasy!

And after that little gem I then plan on trying out some graffiti pastes downtown…

So come back soon for my next update


4 comments on “Starting the day with a rape fantasy

  1. Would you let me know what your favorite adult film of yourself and your favorite adult film is i have firebush and your scene is my favorite.

  2. I hope there’s a Kylie quote board out there somewhere because “yay for rape fantasies” just shot to the top. It is classic Kylie, though.

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