Squirting 101 – How Kylie learned to squirt!

I get alot of listeners calling into the radio show asking about how to squirt…so here is my blog from when I taught myself how….

Squirting 101 – How Kylie learned to squirt!

I remembered Flower Tucci talking about how she said she taught herself to do it so I figured I would give it a try. I had squirted before, my boyfriend could make it happen but it was really difficult and a lot of patience and work and I didn’t know how to harness the feeling. Then later the guys in the biz who knew how to make a girl squirt could get me to do it – Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes – but they way they do it is more of a “forced squirting” by putting extreme hard and fast pressure on the g-spot. Though this looks cool on camera in the movies, it is not as enjoyable for the woman. It wasn’t until I was bored late one summer night that I decided to give that Njoy toy a test drive. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t work!

Njoy Stainless Steel Dildo http://njoytoys.com/products/purewand.php

I just laid on my back comfortably, head on a pillow and a couple towels under my ass. I inserted the large end and found my g-spot (which is sort-of behind my pelvic bone) and just started working it. It felt good so I kept going, then suddenly my pussy was filled up with fluid and as I fucked myself I flooded the towel…it just poured out of me.

There was no way I moved my body, I just moved the toy mostly (the weight of it is wonderful) and instead of tightening my muscles I tried to relax them. Like you have heard it does feel a little like you have to pee, so I just relaxed and didn’t try to stop the feeling. It was different from the traditional clitoral orgasm I am used to, not as strong, but I could definitely feel it. It tastes sweet.

It was actually so cool that I immediately called and related the entire story to my best girlfriend, who that same night did what I described and had exactly the same results!

Since then I have practiced and learned to recognize the feeling and worked on technique. I have tried other toys but nothing works as well as that Njoy wand. I learned the right moment to push/squeeze so that I can actually “squirt” instead of just “flooding”. When I am getting close if I touch my clit with a vibrator (I prefer the Hitachi) I will have a much better orgasm and actually squirt more, and I will get some distance out of it.


The amount of water I drink (over the course of the day, not immediately before) does affect how much I can squirt – normally I drink approx 60 oz. of water per day – and if I am hydrated I will flood the bed several times in one session, if I am not that hydrated or it’s a hot day, there won’t be as much fluid.

One night I was bent over the bed, standing on the floor, fucking my ass with a toy and I started feeling that familiar feeling, I realized that I was hitting my g-spot through my ass. I kept going and suddenly my inner thighs and legs were wet and I was dripping. It was not as much fluid as with the Njoy but then again the contact with my g-spot was less direct. At that point I was so turned on and that coupled with fucking my ass…I came…hard. Never touched my clit.

I have heard women say that once the waterworks are turned on, it’s hard to turn them off. I now squirt often, usually while getting my ass fucked – for some reason the place my g-spot is located is stimulated best by either the extreme curve of the Njoy Wand in my pussy or with a cock hitting it through my ass. Every woman is different so it will take some time and experimentation to figure out what is the right combination for you.

In the movie Black Rayne, I squirt repeatedly all over Amber’s face using the Njoy/Hitachi combination. It’s hot!

I think LEARNING to squirt is something a girl should learn to do by herself, alone. The added pressure of someone in the room, trying to help or not, makes it more distracting. Once you learn to do it, and continue to practice, you will find it easier and easier, and you will be excited to show off!

If you have success and learn to squirt please let me know…send me an email, call into the radio show! I would love to know if this works for anyone else. Likewise if you have suggestions or want to share something that worked for you, please add your comments!

If you have questions please post them here as well and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

Good luck!


PS. The above is based on my experiences, I do not claim to be an expert.

12 comments on “Squirting 101 – How Kylie learned to squirt!

  1. Howdy , I heard you last night on “Spice” radio , i believe it was a taped show , but doesn’t matter , great show . You were talking about squirting and to search your blog for your story . Well I did , and know I need to find that toy you referred to , want to have my wife squirt all over my face . Thank you so much for the info . By the way , i have enjoyed your shows on Playboy for a few years now and am thrilled to find you on “Spice ” , The Jerk Box , what a name for a radio show . You are one of the hottest porn stars I have ever seen , would love to see your dungeon , as I do enjoy a good play time from time to time , just wish my wife would . She is a tad vanilla , but she lets me experiment , anyway , keep up the good work and keep us peeps in line .


    • Actually it was live last night! Thrilled to hear your sought out the blog…let me know if my info/experiences helps her learn! It does take practice…

      Thanks for the awesome note…keep listening!


  2. Hi! Thanks for this. i love the emphasis on everyones body being different. I have now squirted twice from using using the hitachi for an extended period of time and pressing down really hard. Both times I was with partners and not expecting much, just accepting that it was a LOT of sensation and then it happened. Most recently it was last night and I was able to let out *so* much more. Thank goodness for hydration!

    The first time the Njoy was involved so I thought it was from all the gspot pressure, but now I’m thinking that it can just come from intensity even on my clit. I think the extreme sensation sets off those fabulous skene’s glands (that produce the squirt and are above the g-spot) and that’s the trick for me!

    Super stoked to harness it more. My throat still hurts a little from screaming so loud.

  3. Where can you buy the Njoy. I want to be able to squirt for my husband. He loves to download and watch anon vids of girls doing it and I get jealous and feel unloved bc I cant squirt.

  4. I want to learn to squirt and my boyfriend is huge , and yet I still have never squirted . He told me he wanted me to and that he didn’t know what he was doing wrong . Is there anyway that you think we could achieve this? and I am still a virgin to anal and a deep throating. Is there any tips you could give me to succeed in those also ? Last time we fucked we tried anal but didn’t have lube which was very painful and unsuccessful . And everytime I try to either let him face fuck me or I try to deep throat him , I normally gag. And it ruins the mood . Can you give me advice on those also ?

    Ps : much appericated 🙂


  5. hey there! okay, so I have squirted in the past, but once a couple times.. and the other day I was hooking up with a close friend, and I let him fuck me in the ass for the first time ever. And as he was fucking me, I started to squirt, not intensely, but dripping. Then I made him stop because I didn’t think I could squirt from getting fucked in the ass. And now that I know that it’s possible, I want to practice more for a bigger and better squirt for him. Should I practice squirting by getting fucked in the ass or should we do it together?

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