‘Apocalypse X’

Over the last two weeks, and 5 days of shooting, Andy and I worked our tails off doing Art Direction and props for the new Digital Playground epic ‘Apocalpse X’, directed by Jakodema. This photo album is a collection of photos from the shoot, many are my photos, but many more I have borrowed from everyone else’s FB and Twitter timelines since often I was too busy building the next set to photograph the one being shot. As a team we all created and captured some truly beautiful images and footage.

These photos are not only of the shoot itself, but of the talent, extras and crew that worked so hard…and some of the good times we shared.

These photos are in no particular order.

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We had a shoot reschedule due to severe rainstorms in the desert so we had quite a few changes in talent, so if I haven’t tagged someone in a photo it’s either because I am not entirely sure about their stage name or I just didn’t have time to label every photo….there are over 200 of them after all.

I don’t know when this movie will be released – fer Christ’s sake people, we JUST finished shooting it! – but I would hazard a guess at late summer/fall of this year.

‘Apocalypse X’

Directed by Jakodema

Starring: Stevie Shae, Veronica Rodriguez, Annika Allbright, Ava Karerra, Selena, Derrick Pierce, Steven St. Croix, Tommy Gunn, Rickie Calhoun and more.


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Kylie’s Klips now on Clips4Sale.com!

Now in addition to the other fabulous places you can find me, like this blog and my awesome website www.kylieireland.com, there is a brand new venture…a place where you can see me shooting some seriously twisted new perversions just for you!

Klips O’ Kylie ~ www.clips4sale.com/75173


Clips4Sale.com is a more specific, fetish driven website…aimed at those of you looking for something a bit more tailored to you. You will find clips of me on here doing things one normally won’t find in the “mainstream” XXX movies you are used to seeing me in…things I have never had the opportunity to do before on screen.

For instance, did you know I have never done a foot fetish movie or scene? It’s true! And now on Clips4Sale.com you can find several foot fetish scenes…and more to come soon!

Some of the scenes I have been shooting – unique scenes that can ONLY be found in my Clips4Sale store – include some of the hottest Stepmom fantasies you can dream up, POV of sex with me, foot fetish, pantyhose and sock fetish, masturbation, blow jobs, cum eating, Sybian rides, kissing and some fun stuff like clips of me bouncing on the bed (the jiggling boobies!), sploshing, blowing bubbles in lingerie, licking the icing of a cupcake…

For those of you that love the super hardcore Kylie, there is some of that too! Ass stretching, big toys, gaping, fisting, double vag, double anal…

Sometimes I even bring my friends… including a couple of my all time favorites, Shayla LeVeaux and Raylene! *Raylene clips to be posted next week*

Plus we are posting NEW clips DAILY.

Have I got your attention? Thought so…

Go there, check it out and enjoy the naughty fun I am creating for you!

Klips O’ Kylie: www.clips4sale.com/75173


For more of me go to www.kylieireland.com

My live camshows: www.kylieireland.cammodels.com

Buy me:  Kylie Collectables on Ebay

The first podcast of 2014

It’s our first show of the new year…

In this weeks show, Me & Andy discuss our Christmas & New Year eve shenanigans, the crazy news stories that hit the headlines over the silly season & we generally ramble on about the years that was 2013.

Fanmail of the day – Bob Dylan

Today Andy reads a letter from a fan who likes my mentoring skills.

Buy my art on eBay!

In 2010 I started into a crazy new adventure, street art. While I often created pieces that consisted of photos of me (as porn star Kylie Ireland) mixed with my photography of old motel signs, I sometimes did drawings and turned them into stencils. Since street art is a fleeting art form I started creating some pieces on canvas.

My work has been shown at Art Basel, Hot Rod Gallery and various charity event in Los Angeles. I sold my pieces exclusively via Maximillian Gallery in the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood for nearly two years until the gallery closed. My art is owned by many celebrities, including Aerosmith’s Stephen Tyler.

Although I continue to do gallery shows, I have realized my house is overflowing with art pieces… therefore for the first time ever I am offering them for sale via eBay…and even better for you, at a discounted rate!

Click here to buy Kylie’s Art on eBay!

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Click here to buy Kylie’s Art on eBay!

Every piece is a unique piece of art, there are no others like it so you are buying a very special piece of me.

Each canvas is signed by me as DeeKay, but if you prefer I will also sign the back personally to you, as Kylie Ireland.


PS. My artwork isn’t the only thing on eBay right now! Check out a fun and naughty selection of movies, 8x10s, posters, my action figure and more…all autographed personally to you by me!

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In the special XMAS edition,

Me & Andy discuss the definition of ‘Porn legend, review the worst sex stories of 2013 & give you all the gossip from behind the scenes of our latest movie. (It also includes some festive recorded clips from my radio shows gone by)

Kylie’s fanmail of the day – ‘Free of charge’

Bless all my strange fans, & their pointy little heads